User Agreement

"Wonderrunk experience reservation system usage rules" "Wonder trunk experience" (hereinafter referred to as "the hotel") has the following usage rules when customers use the "Internet reservation system" (hereinafter referred to as "the system") operated by the hotel. I will. Please agree to this rule and use it according to this rule. Article 1 (Compliance with basic matters) 1. When using this system, customers are required to comply with the general etiquette, morals, and technical rules of using the Internet. 2. We strictly refuse to use this system for the purpose of profit regardless of the reason such as paying arrangement agency. Article 2 (Measures against basic matters) We refuse to use this system and the hotel for customers who perform acts that the hotel deems inappropriate, such as acts that cause inconvenience or disadvantage to a third party, or acts that may interfere with the services of the hotel. May be done. Article 3 (Impacts due to the usage environment on the customer side) This system is intended for those who have properly set various settings such as characters (displayed in Japanese), e-mail, and printer. The museum is not responsible for the operation results of those who do not meet this condition and the effects caused by it. In addition, even if the above conditions are met, even if this system does not operate properly due to reasons beyond the control of the hotel, such as all circumstances related to the environment settings of the customer's computer, the hotel will not be concerned with the effects it may have. We do not take any responsibility. This system uses SSL encryption for communication between your computer and this reservation system in order to protect your personal information as much as possible. Therefore, this service cannot be used in an environment where the SSL encryption method cannot be used for all operations. In addition, please note that we are not responsible for any system malfunctions or any damages incurred by the customer in an environment where the SSL encryption method cannot be used. Article 4 (Conditions for users of this system) This system can be used only by customers who have agreed to this rule. Also, when you make a reservation using this system, it is considered that you have agreed to this rule, and you will be required to comply with this rule. Article 5 (Services provided by this system) You can make reservations for some of the products offered by the hotel on the "wondertrunk experience homepage" (hereinafter referred to as "wondertrunk experience homepage"). Article 6 (Compliance with rules for using reserved products) Customers are required to comply with the accommodation agreement and usage rules separately set by the hotel when using the reserved products. Article 7 (Notes on using this system) The services provided by this system do not give an advantage over the services provided by other than the wondertrunk experience homepage (telephone reservation, etc.). Therefore, it may not be possible to make a reservation due to reasons such as full occupancy. Article 8 (User's own responsibility) 1. Regarding the actions taken by the customer and all actions taken by his / her e-mail account and electronic payment number when using this system, and the results thereof, whether or not there is any action by the customer or whether or not there is negligence. However, the customer shall be responsible for it. In addition, when using this system, except for cases due to the negligence of the museum, if the customer causes damage to a third party, the customer shall resolve the dispute with the third party at his / her own risk and expense. I will. 2. If a user causes damage to the museum or the system due to any of the following acts, the museum shall be able to claim compensation for all damages suffered by the user. .. (1) If you violate these Terms of Use, the Accommodation Terms and Conditions separately set by us, and the Rules of Use. (2) When a harmful computer program is sent or written (3) When the information of a third party is sent or written. (4) When used without the permission of the hotel for purposes other than the customer's private use. (5) If you commit any other act that violates the laws and regulations that are valid in Japan. Article 9 (Cancellation and change of reservation) To cancel a reservation using this system, please use the URL of the email sent when you applied for the reservation. For other inquiries regarding changes to reservation details, etc., we will basically contact the hotel by telephone. Article 10 (Penalty) The hotel will charge a penalty stipulated in the hotel accommodation agreement if the reservation is canceled due to reasons attributable to the user. Article 11 (What you need to prepare when using) To use this system, it is an absolute requirement that you have the following items. 1. An email account that can send and receive emails 2. A personal computer that can connect to the Internet Article 12 (Reservation application) 1. Please enter all the necessary personal data in the reservation application form. 2. If there is a mistake in entering personal data in the reservation application form, the reservation may become invalid. Article 13 (Changes in the contents of this system) If we determine that the hotel needs to change the operation or contents of this system, we may make changes without notifying the customer in advance. Please be sure to check this rule every time you use it. After changing the contents of this rule, only the changed contents will be valid, and the contents before the change will be invalid. Article 14 (Temporary suspension of use) The hotel may temporarily suspend the use of this system without prior notice or consent to the customer in any of the following cases. (1) When performing maintenance or construction of this system. (2) When a natural disaster, incident or other emergency occurs or is likely to occur, making operation difficult. (3) When the museum determines that it is necessary to temporarily suspend the use of this system for other reasons such as the operation of the website and this system. Article 15 (Law handling this system) The handling of this system is subject to the laws valid in Japan. Article 16 (validity of rules) This rule will be effective from April 1, 2019, Japan Standard Time.